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I’ve always been a huge fan of Disney Broadway musicals, and I love learning about the adaption process when a beloved animated film is turned into a staged production.


Disney’s latest adaption, Frozen, was of particular interest to me, as so many story elements, characters, and songs had to be reimagined to make the show possible. This served as the inspiration for my final Infographic project. 


This piece gave me another opportunity to practice my digital illustration skills. Drawing a full version of the intricate snowflake partially featured on the poster art was a challenge as I had to carefully construct my own version to create a cohesive design. The end result is one of my favorite illustrations, seen here in its full glory. 


I also recreated the animated depiction of Queen Elsa by hand. Although I chose a simpler design approach, many elements of the illustration required great precision and experimentation to achieve the perfect Elsa. 


Check out the full infographic below to explore Frozen’s journey to Broadway!

Frozen Broadway Snowflake.png
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