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It all began with a hydrangea bush

Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, behind my brick house in the woods, was a large bush that bloomed each summer with the bluest hydrangeas you’ll ever see. 


It rested in a fenced-in area where my dog, Teddy, would run and play, so, naturally, this became my favorite place to spend time. Dogs and flowers have always been touchstones of my personality. 


When you look closely at a hydrangea, you’ll notice that each bundle of petals, all with distinct features and even flaws, makes up a larger whole that is soft yet bold, intricate yet simple, and always beautiful. 


I feel like my being can be similarly organized in bundles, with each petal representing my various interests, passions, fears, and dreams all nestled together to shape who I am. 


As a Southern woman, hydrangeas will always hold a special place in my heart, and my bouquets, but I also can’t wait to plant them along the fence of my cottage in Martha’s Vineyard upon my retirement. They represent where I come from, and where I’m going, and for that, they will forever be integral to my identity. 


Looking for the

girl in blue

I’ve always had an affinity for fairy tales, and as a bookish little girl, I noticed that all of my favorite literary heroines were brave, adventurous, and charming girls dressed in powder blue. 


Attending UNC-Chapel Hill only deepened my connection to the shade, as there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the sea of blue found in the Dean Dome or Kenan Stadium. 


The color has since become a core part of my personality and style, and I feel the most in touch with my femininity when I wear or surround myself with the color of the sky. 

Main Logo

Growing up in the South, I was raised to believe that if it's not moving, you should monogram it. 

While I've gradually calmed my need to brand my initials onto everything I own, it felt appropriate to use my monogram as the central focus of a personal logo.

Backed by one of my beloved hydrangeas, I customized my chosen font to create a soft, flowing set of initials with a classic feminine charm. 


Whimsical, Classic, Darling, Attentive, Witty

I would describe my overall aesthetic as the intersection between a cottage in the Vineyard and a mid-century studio in the city.

I wanted my branding to represent both of my dueling identities, with an emphasis on timeless design and a vintage nostalgic feel. 

The Color Palette

Colors and Fonts-23.png
Colors and Fonts-23.png

Aptly named after some of my favorite show tunes, my color palette is reminiscent of my favorite season, Spring with shades that elicit a feeling of joy and new beginnings.

Supporting Icons-10.png

My supplementary icons

represent two of my most favorite things, hydrangeas, and ribbons. The illustrations reflect a soft femininity with subtle imperfections to keep them grounded and organic.

Both were digitally illustrated by hand using my iPad.

Supporting Icons-13.png





Colors and Fonts-24.png

Titles & Headings

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