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In every semester of the Infographics course in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, the entire class becomes a design team to work on a compilation of informational spreads centered around a social issue or cause. 


My class decided to focus our project on helping fellow college students better understand mental health concepts such as mindfulness, self-care, and how to challenge stigmas. 


Serving as the Art Director, I lead our team by facilitating brainstorming sessions, distributing topics, communicating with each small-group team and providing feedback for the spreads, and keeping everyone on task in order to meet our deadline. 


My main responsibility was to design the style guide for the project, outlining color usage, typography, and illustration styles. 


Click here to see the full publication. 

Under Mind Front Cover.png


2nd Place: Magazine Design Cover 


The Michigan State University

Design Contest for College Students

One of my responsibilities as Art Director was to design the cover art for the publication. My design was submitted to The Michigan State University Design Contest for College Students and placed 2nd in the Magazine Cover category. You can see the competition results here.

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