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Wallace Beeson is a student at UNC-Chapel Hill bravely fighting a rare autoimmune gastrointestinal disease and motility disorder that has impacted her life since the age of 15. 


After years of treatment, and still without a cure, Wallace and her family realized that rare diseases don't get the same amount of research and therefore the patients don't get the medication or treatment options they need to move forward.


Inspired to make a difference, Wallace decided to start her own foundation to fund research and education as well as support families and patients looking for a cure for rare pediatric and adult autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases and motility disorders.


With the foundation in its infancy, and unsure of where to start with designing a logo, she enlisted me to help, and now as the Director of Marketing, I've continued to grow the foundation's visual brand. A website redesign, merchandise launch, and new promotional content are currently in development. 


To learn more about the Wallace Beeson Foundation, visit


To fund research related to rare pediatric and adult autoimmune gastrointestinal diseases and motility disorders. 



North Carolinians either with personal connections to the UNC Children’s Hospital or a desire to support medical philanthropic causes. Their support may come in the form of monetary donations, social media interactions, volunteer work, or attendance at events and fundraisers. 



To develop a sense of community for patients and families affected by rare diseases, representing their stories and advocating for adequate care and support.  #makerareknown



Ambitious, Inspiring, Vivacious, Reliable, Comforting 

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With her life story and namesake directly linked to the foundation, it was important to Wallace that the logo felt personal and representative of her essence and values. 


Using her Carolina roots as inspiration, I used a soft blue color palette paired with a free-spirited script font mimicking Wallace’s signature. The blue ribbon used to represent rare diseases is incorporated into the script to emphasize the foundation’s core mission. 


A strong-willed Southern woman, the main logo is meant to show Wallace’s resilience without sacrificing femininity or her loving nature. 


Updated Brand Elements - June 2020_Navy
Updated Brand Elements - June 2020_White


Updated Brand Elements - June 2020_WB Su
Updated Brand Elements - June 2020_Artbo


Updated Brand Elements - June 2020_Color


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