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Graphic Design


Growing up, I always thought I wanted to be a writer, but it turns out my favorite way to tell stories is by designing them.


I’ve been a graphic designer for as long as I can remember. Even when I was designing over-the-top PowerPoint presentations in elementary school or making my own birthday party invitations, I knew that I absolutely loved the way in which fonts, colors, and illustrations all come together to weave together a visual narrative. 

Studying graphic design in college only grew my passion into something I now want to make a career out of. I’ve realized during my many all-nighters working on projects, that if you can be utterly sleep-deprived, and still love what you’re doing, then its the path you’re meant to follow. 

Explore the portfolio below to see my various design projects and creations!

Brand Design

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As I've grown as a graphic designer, I've discovered my true passion for visual brand development, and have since designed logos and branding for a growing list of clients. 

Click an icon to see the full brand design and learn more about what went into each project. 

Brand Design
Copy of Circle Submark - Navy.png

Non-Profit Organization

ICON LOGO-12.png


Carolina Hue Branding-16.png

NC Based Artist

Bellflower Media Logos-26.png

Digital Marketing Agency


Cannabis Business 


UI & UX Design

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How an audience interacts with a digital experience, both visually and usability wise, is crucial to effective brand storytelling. I've always had an interest in web design, and through the Hussman School's design track, I've been able to take several interactive media courses that have helped me refine my design thinking skills. Click any of the logos to view or learn more about each project.

UI & UX Design


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While taking an Infographics course in the Hussman School of Journalism & Media,
I got the opportunity to develop multiple unique visual storytelling projects. Some of my most beloved designs came out of the experience, as I got to utilize my love for musical theatre as inspiration and express my overflowing knowledge and passion for the industry.

Welcome to Moulin Rouge.png

Welcome to 

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Under Mind Front Cover.png

Under Mind: A Look at Mental Health In College Students

Glinda_s Guide to Popularity-01.png

Glinda's Guide to Popularity


Frozen_ From Screen to Stage-01-min.png


From Screen To Stage

Motion Graphics

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The Motion Graphics course in the Hussman School gave me the chance to learn fundamental skills in After Effects to create dynamic animations. This design genre was definitely out of my comfort zone at first, but I've really enjoyed getting to bring my ideas and designs to life! 

Motion Graphics

Communication Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

To learn more about this project, visit my Resume.

Mamma Mia Title Sequence

Working with a partner to reimagine a movie title sequence of our choice, we decided to identify each character with a prop or set piece that represented their story or essence. I illustrated and animated the second half of the sequence, as well as edited the video as a whole. 

Enchanted Bookshelf

Inspired by the design of my phone case, this short animation brings the various knick knacks on the bookshelves to life. The elements were illustrated by hand and then animated in Adobe After Effects.

Wildflower Bumblebee 

As one of my first animations, I used my tablet to digitally paint the nature elements in watercolor and then created a short sequence to give the artwork life! 

Miscellaneous Projects

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In addition to large-scale assignments, many of my graphic design courses also challenged me to create digital works that motivated me to think outside the box and put my skills to the test. The following are a sampling of some of my favorite pieces I’ve designed over the years. 

Miscellaneous Projects
Dalmatian Print.png

Dalmatian Art Print

Ice Cream Fish.jpg

Ice Cream Fish


Concert Poster

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